Seva experience shared by Sevadars

Sevadars shared experience, feelings, vision and thoughts about SEVA

We all feel that the Seva team is a big part of the Heart of the Ashram. While they “travel” in their own process, they serve the place and honour it with their presence and commitment.

It’s our turn to know what are their thoughts and feelings. We asked the current sevadars at the Ashram Ram Dass Guru about their SEVA experience, and this is what we found out.

Read some inspiring comments and get a deep insight in their daily lives.

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“…Seva is an experience to confront your ego…”

Seva is more than you expect. Mind thinks to know what it is, but in my experience, I am realizing that what is coming to the surface is not chosen by oneself mentally but is something that has to come out by itself. Apparently Seva to me looks boring, routine, sadness… But I am realising that it is just upon my judgement… In reality it is an open emotion space to recoginse the emotions, confront them, and going beyond to see what next.

Seva is an experience to confront your ego, your limits, fears and to have a taste of your power – your inner voice.

Seva can confront yourself in a very simple way but it can give you a profound challenge and opportunity. It depends on how sincere you are with yourself. Seva is a space where you can observe yourself… your thoughts… your behaviour… and all the judgement that comes from that. It is a healing space. (KRK)

“Seva is like… treasure hunting…”

Seva is like… treasure hunting.

You got your crew with you, the sails are already hoisted and you know for sure, there must be something very valuable and unique under the surface.

So you need some courage and discipline and a good navigation… don’t loose the sight of your goal and be aware of various sea monsters which appear on your adventure.

But I will tell you a secret… When you just face them, you’ll find out that

they are not evil and just lead you closer to what you want. It’s not always

easy, it’s just what it is. At the end… maybe you already know what is waiting for you… it’s just a wonderful journey and you become a very rich person. (HPNK)

“Seva is sometimes the hardest thing to do…”

Seva is sometimes the hardest thing to do and if you achieve it the most beautiful place to be.

It takes all of what you can bring and will give you more than you ever could imagine.

It is a journey that will lead you to unknown places and if you surrender revelation shall come. (DBK)

“…For me, Seva also means communication, contact, creativity.”

I associate trust with Seva. Doing the right job at the right time. And where there is resistance, there is also a way. I learn for me that discipline comes from trust. I have resistance to do something that I don’t want to do. My job is to recognize and increase the lightness and passion behind the job. I can feel responsible for every corner and every speck of dust, but I learn that every little task and gesture means service. As long as I take what I am giving now with a clear conscience and honesty. The Higher Power knows that I want to give more, but right now I trust that what I give and do is valuable and sufficient. I come with the attitude of giving everything and a lot, but I am learning that we have the opportunity to give a lot more, of what we believed and believe is not valuable to share, my presence, as well as the presence of everyone else Self-development helps, the talents, a smile, a greeting, a small gesture. It is more than cleaning and washing dishes, it is a life together, for some shorter, for others longer than what we were created to argue, clarify and forgive, love, compassionate, understand and help. And sooner or later I also have to deal with everything and clean and clarify every corner, in relation to the

Seva and to other people. To be the best I can be at this level. For me, Seva also means communication, contact, creativity.

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