Brief History

Contributing for elevation through Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya Teachings

Created in March 2013, the Association Ram Dass Guru (ARDG) is a non-profit institution that has been established with the objective of promoting the teachings and practice of Kundalini Yoga (KY) in Portugal and to take it, through free classes, to disadvantaged groups who would not otherwise be able to access this practice. 

Also from the beginning, ARDG has offered scholarships for the training of Kundalini Yoga teachers, both nationally and internationally, including students from African countries.
In 2015 ARDG took a huge step forward in taking responsibility for managing the Eco-Ashram in Quinta do Rajo. In this context, ARDG welcomes volunteers (sevadars) from different countries and demonstrates the viability of a yogic, sustainable and community lifestyle. ARDG provides hospitality to all who seek in this Ashram a space of welcome, renewal and discipline.

Meet ARDG Directors

Shiv Charan Singh Portrait

Shiv Charan Singh


tanpreet singh portrait

Tanpreet Singh

Vice President

Paramatma Kaur


Ashram Team Members

Rasjot Kaur

Seva Coordinator

Har Sach

Har Sach Kaur

Ashram Manager

Gurujot Kaur

Kitchen Manager

Sahejpreet Kaur

Guest & Event Booking


Garden Coordinator

Puranjot Singh

Garden Responsible

Devta Kaur

Communication Coordinator

Radha Ashram Dog


Happiness Manager

Devta Singh

Social project Manager

Become A Member

Become an active part of the global community. Associate yourself to this Project, be part of the Sangat.

What are you supporting with your membership fee?

Kundalini Yoga classes for specific groups
ARDG offers Kundalini Yoga classes taught by accredited, unpaid teachers, who are only awarded donations to cover travel expenses. These classes take place regularly in various institutions, such as in the Farol – Drug Addiction Treatment Association, in Sintra, in the EPL – Lisbon Prison, in the Senior Academy of the Red Cross, in Lisbon, amongst others.

Different workshops with accessible prices
The Association Ram Dass Guru accepts proposals from its associates to hold workshops, whose themes fall within its mission, to take place in the Ashram with the support of the ARDG, thus asking the participants a symbolic value for the exchange.

Kundalini Yoga classes for families ARDG regularly offers Kundalini Yoga classes for families in the Ashram at affordable prices. A group of teachers alternate so that once a month the Ashram is the scene of a very fun and magical family morning.

Maintenance and improvement of the Ashram that serves the community
The Ashram managed by ARDG is a space of retreat, spiritual development, community growth, learning. Its maintenance requires constant investment in order to keep the structure clean, organized and beautiful. Whether for regular classes, a retreat or a walk in the garden, the team strives to keep the space ready to receive you.

Seva Program
The Seva Program gives opportunity to those who are in a phase of change in their lives, but also to those who feel the need to take a break in their routine and to be in contact with regular personal development practices close to nature and to do seva (voluntary altruistic action/work).

We believe that the only direction is sustainability. Respect for the various natural resources is a conscious choice, which positions ARDG on the path to transforming the space it manages into an Eco-Ashram. For that, it takes courage, financial and human investment, and a lot of determination

What are your benefits being a member?

10% discount on ARDG regular activities
The Ram Dass Guru Association serves the community by offering activities mainly related to the Kundalini Yoga teachings.

5% discount on Ashram Retreats
The Ashram managed by the Guru Ram Dass Association provides opportunities to experience community living throughout the year. Several dates are available to retreat, relax and take a breathe in our ashram.

Priority in renting spaces at the Ashram
There are several spaces available at the ashram suitable for holding retreats, workshops and other events. Proposals are welcome for using the Yoga Room, Garden and Lounge, and will be reviewed by management. Priority is given to members. 

Ashram library access
ARDG library is composed by a big collection, of mostly donated books and others publications. Precious resources on several themes, especially self growth, kundalini yoga, healthy habits, etc, and they are accessible to all members.

Access to the co-work in the Ashram
The Lounge has an affordable workspace with internet for its members to use.
Contact us to find out how to book to use the workspace

Become A Member

€20 Annual Member Fee

About the founders of ARDG

In the year 2000, Shiv Charan Singh founded, along with his wife Satya Kaur, the vibrant and cosmopolitan Kriya Centre in London. And in 2008 they relocated to Portugal where they founded the Associação Ram Dass Guru (ARDG), the Ashram, and started to build a community, based on Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya teachings.

Both are active members of the Association, the Ahsram and the local and international Sangat. Satya Kaur and Shiv Charan Singh were always, since the beginning of ARDG, part of the Board of Directors, sharing their gifts, experience and wisdom to guide the journey of the Association, its projects and all members. 

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