Social Project

Commitment, the 1st step to happiness

Kundalini Yoga technology has a support for challenging changes

We learn that commitment is the first step to achieve hapiness, actually the only one, has the other six will unfold easily if you keep the first. To keep commitment we need discipline, and most of us, are commited to things that do not end in hapiness. We loose focus many times along the way and we end up, feeding unconcious patterns that only offer imediate relief from our suffering. When this relief takes the form of addictions the challenge to move forward in a different road gets bigger, and this is when Kundalini Yoga enters.

This ancient teachings offer a variety of exercises, from conscious breathing, postures, meditation to mudras and mantra, all can be apply to strenght the nervous system and to build a strong sense of the self, so the first step can be made, this time to serve the soul and not the pain or the “story”.

Is based on this believe that Associação Ram Dass Guru offers regular classes for vulnerable groups, such has addiction recovery, prisons, elders, adults and children with mental disability.

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Let us elevate each other in consciousness and compassion

Is part of ARDG mission to open and hold space for personal growth. The Social Project aims to create a communal movement where we serve each other, and there are no strict structure for that, the possibilities of service are as big as our hearts. In this Aquarian Age when the challenges of a simple life are always asking for more, is a blessing to have effective tools like Kundalini Yoga to helps to align the outside with the inside. 

ARDG and ATT Farol partners since 2015

A multidisciplinar team in service of who need

Since its creation that ARDG offers Kundalini Yoga classes at a addictions recovery center, ATT Farol – Associação de Tratamento das Toxicodependências, a partnership that brings value to many lives.