Program includes:

Schedule (example):

Price per day: 35€, including all activities

Price for the 4 days: 140€, including all activities
Please make your booking of the event with our partner Karam Kriya School, and contact us for accommodation and meals:


Here are the most asked questions, we hope you will find the information you are looking for here or in the different pages, if not, feel free to contact us:

Click here to get information on arriving by plane, public transport or car (preferably car share!).

Please see this list to help you pack:

Yoga mat, rug, or sheepskin. Japji. Meditation pillow. Notebook and pen. Water bottle.

Toiletries and towel. Optional: earplugs.

House slippers or flip flops.

Comfortable clothes for practicing yoga and dirt-resistant clothes for Karma Yoga (e.g. in the garden).

Both light and warm clothing: Although the weather is often hot and sunny in the daytime, it is often a damp cold at night – so be sure to bring extra warm layers for the evenings!

If you stay in a tent: Headlamp, warm clothes, (tent equipment if you come with your own one).

Tenting spots are first-come, first-served, and there are several spaces in our garden. We offer several fully equipped tents for your stay, or you bring your own tent. Please send an email to

The WIFI is working in some areas of the house but we can’t guarantee you a stable connection all the time. Still, we would recommend having a digital detox and keeping your phone on ‘airplane mode’ as much as possible.

Every meal served has both vegan and gluten-free options (though we cannot guarantee no gluten contamination, for those with severe gluten allergies). If you have any special dietary needs, please write an email to so that we can see our possibilities to support you.

Children are always very welcome at the ashram! We have a huge garden to explore (far away from any traffic), friendly dogs and chickens and a lounge area for reading, playing board games or just hanging around.

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your pet because we already have dogs and chickens at the ashram.

You are very welcome to stay longer! Feel free to write an email to to book your stay before or after the festival.

There is a free designated car park located just before the ashram (see the sign “Parking Ram Dass Guru”).  If the car park is full you have to find a place in the village (walking distance 5-10 minutes).

We recommend that you limit the valuables you bring with you and that you keep your valuables with you at all times (and not left in your tent or room).

In the light of ‘COVID-19’ we are taking several measures to provide a safe space for all individuals entering the Ashram Ram Dass Guru. We have detailed hygiene rules for the kitchen and sanitary areas. We will ensure that there is plenty of air circulation in the teaching space / yoga room.

Take responsibility for your own health and safety and follow the instructions.

Wash your hands frequently. Disinfect when washing is not possible or inconvenient for any reason. When coughing or sneezing cover your mouth and nose with your forearm or with tissue paper that should be placed immediately into the trash.

Keep your personal items with you. Discard contaminated items such as tissues immediately into closed bins or keep them until you can do that in a pocket close to your body.

Yet the responsibility is shared between all individuals inhabiting the space.

Please respect each individual’s sense for what feels safe and what does not. We all have different capacities to withstand diseases.

Please note that people living in the house do not wear masks. 

If in any case you have any signs or symptoms of any infectious disease please do not come to the Ashram at this point in time but stay at home and take good care of yourself and thereby also of others.

Some impressions of the last years: