Seva Program

What is Seva ?

A Spiritual Path

Spiritual growth includes both spiritual practices and labour. Crystallisation of your spirit will come about when reality meets the resistance of your mind and of your fantasises. Burning your karma and fast progress will come about when you confront your subconscious patterns and tendencies and surrender to the greatness of the present moment. The humble work of cleaning, cooking, serving food, working in the garden, hosting guests and helping others are ways to serve God. 

Seva Program at the Ashram

The Ram Dass Guru Association Seva Program offers an opportunity to all who would like to do selfless service in the Ashram. Participants share daily community practices such as Sadhana and Kirtan and meals, and work together to maintain the Ashram house and garden. It is an opportunity to embark on a 40-day practice, the time it takes to drop or implement a habit. All this close to the sea and immersed in a typical rural area of Portugal.

What to expect...

Sevadar's Responsabilities​

seva garden caring
seva program garden

Seva Program Options

There are different options in our Seva Program, all of which will support you on your path to self awareness and spiritual growth.
Children are welcome and stay for free!

40 days

An intensive program for those who are seeking a transformational experience to shed or acquire habits, or simply get some relief from day to day life and get a different perspective by living in community and close to nature.

For gardening lovers, seva program can be mostly in the garden, under the guidance of the ashram gardener.

5 hours per day / 5 days a week
€400 (€10 per day)

Short Term
< 40 days

For those who would like the opportunity to experience living in the ashram and doing selfless service for a shorter period of time. Also recommended for those who would like to experience doing seva in the ashram before applying for a longer period.

5 hours per day / 5 days a week
€20 per day


If you want to contribute and help the ones who want to do Seva but can’t afford it, please click the donate button below.

You just would like to visit?
Join us for a personal retreat!

If you would like to enjoy living in a Ashram for a couple of days, you will be welcomed as a guest.

Also recommended for those who would like to experience in the ashram before applying for a Seva Program.


Pricing per day:

Shared dormitory: €40
In your own tent: €25
In your own van: €30

Single or double rooms are available on request.
Children are welcome and up to the age of 12 stay for free !

dining room

Testimonials of our Sevadars

“I discovered Kundalini Yoga at the Ashram during Summer, as a guest. I enjoyed my experience so much that I applied for the 40-days Seva Program few weeks later. I had an amazing experience and will definitely come back someday!”

Marie - 🇫🇷 - 2021

“Community, belonging, growth and a safe space of unconditional love. I am forever grateful for the time and people that I met during my Seva at Quinta do Rajo. Nothing compares to growing in a community.”

Celestina - 🇳🇴 | 🇧🇷 - 2021