Herbal spiral – a new permacultural element of the garden

Herbal spiral – a new permacultural element of the garden

Let´s welcome our newest descendant in the Ashram! In the last weeks we have been building this beautiful herbal spiral.

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A herbal spiral is a small ecosystem, which provides a suitable environment for plants of different climate zones.

The upper part of the spiral is the dry zone for more mediterranean plants and as it spirals down the climate becomes more wet and nutritious for more forestral plants. Through the three dimensional shape the top is a more dry section, as the water runs down. The opening to the south creates locations with different hours of sunlight.

Last but not least the spiral is filled with different mixtures of sand, earth and compost. On the top you will find a more sandy soil and at the bottom a soil with more earth and compost.

A herbal spiral follows natural principles and allows the plants to find their perfect living environment. Therefore it is an eye opening demonstration of basic ecological and permacultural principles.

Building the spiral is a beautiful way to exhaust yourself, by carrying stones and shoveling earth and sand! It took us some weeks but we finished the Kriya (at least we thought so).

Just in the moment we finished we already felt, that we will build a second one so that we will end up with the shape of an infinite .

If you are interested in learning and helping building the second one just contact us at info@ramdassguru.pt to find out how.

Article by Prithi Nivas Kaur, sevadar @ ARDG

“As a garden sevadar, I brought this permacultural element in, as a milestone towards a more sustainable garden. It is an element which is both, beautiful and energetic and at the same time practical and efficient.

The spiral is built close to the kitchen and will hopefully provide the kitchen all year long with fresh herbs.”

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