Dhrupad Workshop – an Indian music morning in the Ashram

Dhrupad workshop – an Indian music morning in the ashram

On the 19th of January 2019 Daniela Birschel offered a workshop about the Dhrupad technique in the lounge of the ashram. 

We were 10 participants and learned from Daniela (Dhrupad teacher) about this specific style of indian music that is considered as a spiritual practice and naad yoga (sound yoga). 

We started the workshop with a warmup by observing the breath and the body as a vessel for music. Daniela continued to give a short introduction on Dhrupad, Raga (indian scales) and Taal (rythm) and then focused on 3 voice techniques within Dhrupad: Kharaj Bharna, Aakar and Polta. 

Each of them we explored through practical excercises in the group or by taking turns individually. 

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In the last hour we were then introduced to one specific indian scale: Bhairav Raga and experimented with it also as a group and individually with our voices and the Dhrupad technique. 

Throughout the practices Daniela guided, adjusted us and gave us tips to improve. The workshop gave a small glimpse of the whole world of Indian music and we had the chance to experience for little moments the “complete immersion and total surrender of self to God” that Dhrupad can offer when practiced continually. 

Sat Nam! 

Text by Ek Ong Kar Kaur | Photos by Ram Prakash Kaur

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