The Ashram

What Is An Ashram?

What is the purpose of the ashram? What happens in an ashram?

Ashram means a place of spiritual effort.
It means that the ashram will have a spiritual reference (guiding principles) and a spiritual practice (lifestyle:  yoga, meditation, diet, etc.).
To live in the ashram implies that you have come to join in and experience the practice and respect, if not learn about, the teachings that guide the community.

You may experience the Ashram as a Pressure Cooker, a Washing Machine, and Amplifier, a Mirror, a Training Ground, and more. 

Some people come for short time. Dipping their feet in the water. A retreat from a busy, stressful, city life. Others come to go through a personal process. Some will come to deeply experience the teachings and community living. And a few may feel at home and settle down for life.

You will find the experience of this sequence: poke, provoke, confront, elevate.
You are asked to meet it and follow the experience of this sequence: obey, serve, love, excel.
Ask the people in the community to share their understanding of these sequences. 

Spiritual effort includes:

Detox: Clearing out old patterns (physical, emotional, mental). Karma yoga, work is worship, work it out.

Responsibility: for your experience (not blaming your past or others around you)
  to take hold of your emotional charge and redirect it. (Into sadhana, seva and simran).

Mindfulness: Consciousness in action. Attention to the little details, care of the immediate environment. 
Consciousness in your communication and relation to others.

Verticality: agree to keep your feet on the earth, (relate to nature) and to relate to higher principles beyond your mind (the teachings).

Discipline: Action counts. Develop good habits of personal care, communication, and thought.

Discover The Ashram

Hire Our Venue

Associação Ram Dass Guru provides an amazing stay surrounded by nature with beautiful views & walks
and all services for a successful event, workshop or training.
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Our Facilities

The Yoga Room

A spacious yoga room with wooden floor invites to teach and inspire people. The natural insulation by Portuguese cork walls, double insulated windows and a professional heating system gives it a comfortable touch. The room consists of several light options and the view of the Mafra Palace is impressive. With more than 60 m² it can host up to 35 yoga mats or 50 people on a chair. Equipment included. See details in Our Services

The Lounge

The lounge is an open area which consists of several parts: the teaching space with around 35 m² and an cork insulation, the living area with sofas and armchairs in front of the fireplace, a large library with selected books in several foreign languages, a dining area and a large kitchen for self-catering or kitchen workshops. The teaching space can host up to 20 yoga mats or 30 people on a chair. Equipment included. See details in Our Services

The Pagoda

If the weather is nice (this area of Portugal has over 290 days of sunshine in a year!) the use of the wooden Pagoda in the garden is for free for those who booked the yoga room or the lounge! This gives flexibility to the teacher between outdoor and indoor sessions.

Our Services


The Ashram can organize accommodation, e.g. at partners’ houses in walking distance to the Ashram. There are single, double and shared rooms. From March until November, camping in spacious double tents is also possible. There are various options to stay overnight, for any kind of need and budget.

Meals & Snacks

Every working group or course participant needs a break! Snacks can be provided by request. The service will be charged accordingly with the request. Example: tremoços, home made gluten free bread with spreads, tea and fruit. A professional cooking team can provide delicious national and international dishes. The meals can be breakfast, lunch and / or dinner with mostly seasonal, regional products and according to the needs of the group. Meals are vegetarian or vegan, gluten free.


For professional work we provide various equipment included in the booking of yoga room or the lounge:

For more information, prices, or to schedule a visit, contact us​

Discover Our Facilities

Discover Our Accomodations

You just would like to visit?
Join us for a personal retreat!

If you would like to enjoy living in a Ashram for a couple of days, you will be welcomed as a guest.

Also recommended for those who would like to experience in the ashram before applying for a Seva Program.


Pricing per day:

Depends on the type of accomodation (shared dormitory, single or double room, own tent or van). 

Please contact us. 

Single or double rooms are available on request.

Children are always welcome and up to the age of 12 stay for free!

Around The Ashram

Ashram Garden

A huge garden with many opportunities to relax and renew.
More than 2.000 m² with a pagoda, hammocks, little stone benches, a meditation path and more are waiting to be discovered.
Avocado and orange trees, many edible plants, herbs and flowers all year long delight the heart of nature lovers.

Nature Walks

Besides the walks in the Ashram garden, several walking tours directly from the Ashram are provided:
* to the valley (downwards) various options between 30 min and 2,5 hours
* walks to one of the most beautiful beaches in the area (one way around 1-1,5 hour)

Santa Susana Village

The village Santa Susana where the Ashram is located offers various amenities:

For more information, prices, or to schedule a visit, contact us​