Associação Ram Dass Guru

Garden workshops at the Ashram

Associação Ram Dass Guru offers a wide range of workshops for horticulture, fruticulture and gardening.

“Let us accept Mother Earth as our real mother. She needs our help, respect, and understanding. May we learn to serve and protect our Mother Earth with an open heart.” Yogi Bhajan


Choose amongst several garden workshops.


Basic and essential knowledge for the biological production of horticultures and fruticulture

Acquisition of essential theoretical general knowledge about the soil, climate, plant multiplication, cultural operations and adequate choice of several species to be cultivated in an ecological way (without the use of synthetic fertilizers or phytopharmaceuticals).

Dates: 10.10.2020

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 35€

Cultivation of vegetable plants

Crucíferas, fabaceas, solánaceas, cucurbitaceas

(4 modules)

Acquisition of consistent knowledge about the cultivation of different families of vegetables. Taxonomic framework and origin. Edaphic and climatic requirements. Seasons, densities and planting compass. Adequate fertilization. Water needs. Cultural operations. Harvest and post-harvest.


Cruciferae: 12.12.2020

Fabacae: 12.12.2020

Solanaceae: 13.03.2021

Cucurbitaceae: 13.03.2021

Durat.: 3-4 hours

Price: 25€ per module

Apartment Allotments

Terraces, verandas, balcony.

Acquire knowledge for building small gardens on your balcony and or terrace; horticultural needs in this context. More appropriate structures.

Dates: anytime by request.

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 30€

Building a raised bed

What is an elevated bed; what is it for; how to do it; how it stays.

Acquisition of all the necessary concepts that allow obtaining vegetables in a very efficient, productive and easy to execute way.

Minimum participants: 8


1) 21.11.2020

2) 27.03.2021

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 40€

Plagues and diseases in vegetable and fruit cultures

Mod I and II for both areas (horticulture and fruticulture)

Mod I plagues

Mod II diseases

Plague and disease concept. Symptoms and signs of plague and disease. Acquisition of knowledge to know the main pests, diseases and their causative agents (mites, insects, nematodes, fungi, bacteria, etc.) in horticultural and fruit plants.

Obtain knowledge of the various means of struggle and how to best apply them in time and in plants.


Module I Plages– 30.01.2021 and 15.05.2021

Module II Diseases – 13.02.2021 and 29.05.2021

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 40€


Choose amongst several garden workshops.

Pruning of fruit trees

Part I: Therorectical training

Part II: Practical training

Part I (theoretical training) – Acquisition of basic knowledge of physiology to understand the functioning of fruit trees. Techniques, types of cuts and material needed. The different types of pruning. Fruiting habits of the main fruit trees. Part II (practical training) – pruning in an orchard with various fruit trees.

Dates: 16. & 17. 01.2021

Duration: 12 hrs (2 days)

Price: 80€

Cultivation of Fruits

Dates: 10.04.2020

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 40€

Cultivation of fruit plants in small spaces

Acquisition of knowledge for the installation and maintenance of fruit trees in small orchards, landscaped surroundings, terraces and backyards. Choice of species / location, different varieties, planting, fertilization, and irrigation.

Dates: 24.04.2020

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 40€


Choose amongst several garden workshops.

Sexual plant multiplication


Plant multiplication concept. Sexual multiplication in plants. Types of sowing and seeds. Practical sowing class in different contexts.

Dates: 17.10.2020

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: 20€

Assexuated multiplication of plants



Plant multiplication concept. Obtaining knowledge of the different types of asexual multiplication in plants. Practical class of different multiplications.

Dates: 24.10.2020

Duration: 4 hrs

Price: 25€

Construction of a vermicompostor

What is a vermicompost. What is it for. What is its importance.

Construction of a small vermicompost.

Dates: 07.11.2020

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: 15€

Composing and building a composer

Composting concept. Obtaining knowledge about the composting process. What materials to use. The importance of compost in crops. Construction of a composter. Examples of composters.

Dates: 07.11.2020

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: 15€

Plant nutrition and Ferilization

Dates: 04.12.2020

Duration: 6 hrs

Price: 40€

Basic preparation of biofertilizers

What are biofertilizers.

What is your foundation. What is its use. How they are done. Several practical examples.

Difference between the various forms of preparation (manure, syrups, macerations, infusions, etc.)

Dates: 27th February 2021

Duration: 4 hrs

Price: 25€


The available workshops are aimed at all people interested in gaining knowledge of Horticulture, Fruit and Gardening.

If you do not have any knowledge in these areas, it is advisable to attend the introductory workshop.


1. Workshop dates may change.

2. The workshops are held with a minimum number of participants depending on each one.

This information will be available in the confirmation of the realization of each workshop.

3. Prices are final and exempt from VAT.

4. Registration and information by e-mail and phone: or 00351 911 897 040.

5. Your registration will be valid after you receive a confirmation email, after your payment.  


PACK 1 – 50€

Intro workshop + 1 gardening workshop of your choice

PACK 2 – 60€

Intro workshop + Apartment allotments OR Vertical Allotments/garden

PACK 3 – 70€

Three workshops of your choice with exception of the Pruning and Raised Bed. These workshops are NOT available with this package.