Associação Ram Dass Guru

Ashram Retreat

Ashram Retreat

Numerous dates along the year to experiment living within a spiritual community

Associação Ram Dass Guru provides a taste of an Ashram life for groups and individuals. If you are looking for a time to connect with yourself and relax in nature, or if you just want to get in touch with your habits and try different and healthy ones, nourishing your body and spirit and learn something new, join us, in this dynamic and secure place, for a few days in a spiritual community, guided by Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya Teachings. You can practice Kundalini Yoga during your stay for about two times a day, watch Yogi Bhajan videos, learn meditation techniques, enjoy nature walks, spend free time with yourself, among other activities. You can choose from the available dates how many days you want to experience the Ashram life.

Children are very welcome.

Next Dates Conditions and information

May – 13 a 31

June – 12 a 30

July – 24 a 31

August – 1 a 31

September – 9 a 20

October – 1 a 26

November – 6 a 30

December – 10 a 23

What is available?

night in a shared room, mostly in bunk beds, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks like fruit or tea, and all the different activities happening at the ashram (check them here)

Some therapies are also available by request.

Ask more info when booking.


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Refunds and Cancellations

All deposits paid by the customer are non-refundable, except:

In case the client make a 7 day advance notice, the value is 50% refundable