Associação Ram Dass Guru

Spiritual daily practice in the Ashram

Sadhana and Kirtan

Aquarian Sadhana

This is a practice of self-discipline that allows us to express the infinite within us.

Anchor daily with our true essence, a preparation for the day that begins and do a cleaning of the day that has passed. The yoga scriptures, called Kundalini Upanishads, state that at least two and a half hours of sadhana should be practiced before the sun rises. This duration is determined by the law of karma: all that you give you will receive back ten times more. So if you dedicate one tenth of each day to your highest consciousness, your entire day will be covered by the energy that naturally returns to you.

Regular and daily personal practice of kundalini yoga includes scripture and/or mantra recitation, physical exercise, relaxation, and meditation.

Daily – 5:30 to 8am

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Devotional chants, celebrating life and transmitting healing energy. Meditative state with the repetition of shabad and mantras that allow the internalization of teachings.

With live music.

Daily – 6 to 6:30pm

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