Associação Ram Dass Guru

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Regular Activities

Meditation and Deep Relaxation

with Kiretprem Kaur

The week ends so quickly and most of us don’t realize that we are taking all the weekly tensions, stressful moments and anxiety to the weekend.

This Meditation and Deep Relaxation classes, every Friday, are a wonderful opportunity to clean all of it and start the weekend in a light and harmonious way.

Kundalini Yoga

with Hari Rai Singh

The Yoga of Consciousness in Portuguese and / or English. Mondays with Hari Rai Singh.

Yoga Kids

For an afternoon of fun, and exercise.

Paused for now. We are preparing the return of this class.

Red Tent

A meeting at every full moon and new moon to celebrate the feminine and support and honor the sisterhood.

Shakti Dance 

with Amrit Dev Kaur

Yoga of dance, which aims to develop awareness and understanding of body, mind and emotions.Wednesday, with Amrit Dev Kaur.

Paused during post natal period of the teacher.

Sadhana and Kirtan

Regular and daily practices, donations welcome. Join the community. Elevate yourself!