Langar Project

Give a hand and don’t let go


The Ram Dass Guru Association has as its basic principles the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, which in turn have their origin in the Sikh Dharma path. This basis here inspires us as spiritual beings in a human experience, to always support others.

In the current socio-economic context, due to the crisis caused  by covid 19, ARDG decided to move forward with a long-awaited  project – the Langar Project: give a hand and don’t let go.

The project consists of support in terms of essential goods, mainly food, but also hygiene and other products, to families in the surrounding Ashram community who are in need.

The Project works through donations that can be in kind or money.and all those involved are Volunteers who donate time in many areas, such as communication, collection, distribution, negotiation and research.

Although it was started in times of pandemic, the Langar Project is an initiative that will be long in time and action a long term project. ARDG intends that this support to the community continues, and that everyone will feel the firm and constant hand of the Ram Dass Guru Association, which supports and elevates them in times of need.

I want to support the Project:

1) make a donation by bank transfer

2) donate goods or want to contribute (know which and how, contact us by phone)