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The Association Ram Dass Guru has as its basic principles the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, which in turn have their origin in the Sikh Dharma path.

As described in the Aquarian Teacher’s Manual: “Sikh means ‘a student’ and dharma means ‘elegant and

selfless action’. Kundalini is awareness. Therefore, with our full awareness, we live a the dharma as people who are students of action and elegant life.

That is the relationship. It is about living in sync with the spirit and it is not about ‘religion’ at all.”

These are the bases on that the Association is trying to create actions. Today the Social Project has 3 sub-projects or initiatives.

The sub-projects of the Association

KY Supports Initiative

Since its creation, it has been aiming to bring the benefits of Kundalini Yoga to those who may need it most, through the KY Supports Initiative.

Until now classes have been offered to different groups at different contexts like in a men prison, special needs tenagers, recovery from adiction centre.

Currently this project continues at Farol ATT in Sintra,

Seva Program

The Seva project, which, like the

classes, has existed since the beginning of the Association, opens doors to all who want to walk the path of personal and spiritual development in the community, and  in the Ashram.

If you are a member of the Association and want to participate in this Project, or suggest a new initiative, contact us: