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The Ram Dass Guru Association Seva Program offers an opportunity to all who would like to  do selfless service in the Ashram. Participants share daily community practices such as sadhana and kirtan and meals, and work together to maintain the Ashram  house and garden. It is an opportunity to embark on a 40-day practice, the time it takes to drop or implement a habit. All this close to the sea and immersed in a typical  rural area of ​​Portugal.


by Satya Kaur and Shiv Charan Singh ARDG founders

Spiritual growth includes both spiritual practices and labour. Crystallisaton of your spirit will come about when reality meets the resistance of your mind and of your fantasises. Burning your karma and fast progress will come about when you confront your subconscious patterns and tendencies and surrender to the greatness of the present moment.The humble work of cleaning, cooking, serving food, working in the garden, hosting guests and helping others are ways to serve God. 

Seva Program at the Ashram Ram Dass Guru

In order to reach as many people as possible, ARDG offers several different options to participate in this Program. Each option is like a kriya.

If you have the time and willingness to commit to the 40 days, you will certainly have a transformative experience. For those with less availability we offer a Seva retreat for 15 days, with multiple dates throughout the year.

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What to expect…

  • nutritious vegetarian/vegan meals
  • shared accomodation in a dormitory or tent in summer
  • yoga classes, red tent and others according to the current schedule
  • time to relax, unwind and get back to nature,
  •  2 days off per week to relax or visit local beaches and villages, and other sights
  • a commitment to the principle of working with nature as much as possible, we constantly look for ways to reduce waste, and give preference to natural, local and/ or eco friendly products
  • animals like dogs, goats, chickens,
  • a team of committed individuals working in different areas to provide the services that support the Association and Ashram mission
  • daily general cleaning routines like laundry, cook, take care of the allotment, samll repairs, take care of the animal, welcoming guests
  •  6 hours schedule accordingly to the Seva Program
  • attend sadhana and kirtan 
  • disccounts in classes, workshops and others during your stay as a sevadars 


Sevadars responsabilities…

•  a strong commitment to change and transformation

•  important qualities for human impeccability to manifest

•  complete jobs

•  respect boundaries

•  time management

•  cleanliness as godliness

•  good manners

•  practice conscious and compassionate communication

•  with a view to maintaining a vibrant and elevating atmosphere in the Ashram residents are asked to participate in daily sadhana and kirtan which takes place in the yoga room. Sevadars who are experienced kundalini yogis or teachers are expected to lead the sadhana

•  attend daily planning meetings, and monthly ashram workshops


Seva Program

There are different options in our Seva Program, all of which will support you on your path to self awareness and spiritual growth.

40 Days

An intensive program forthose who are seeking a transformational experience to shed or acquire habits,or simply get some relief from day to day life and get a different perspectiveby living in community and close to nature.

€400 (€10 per day)

6 hour per day

Short Term

For thosewho would like the opportunity to experience living in the ashram and doingselfless service for a shorter period of time. Alsorecommended for those who would like to experience doing seva in the ashrambefore applying for a longer period.

15-20 days

€200 (€13/day for 6 hours seva per day)

€375 (€25/day for 3 hours seva per day) 

Garden and Allotment

An intensive program of 40 days for those who are seeking a life change experience and would like to offer their seva mostly in the garden for the ashram, under the guidance of the ashram gardener. This program is open to individuals with gardening experience and/or a passion for gardening.

€400 (€10 per day)

6 hours per day


2019 October 25 to December 5 | October 28 to December 9 | November 11 to December 22 | November 22 to January 2

December 21 to January 31 | December 23 to February 1

20203 January to 14 February | 10 January to 21 February | 1 February to 11 March | 22 February to 3 April

For more information contact our Seva Program coordinator Ramprakash Kaur at