Associação Ram Dass Guru

Live like a God. Give like an Angel. Be a bright, beautiful, bountiful human being.

Yogi Bhajan




There is always something to be repair or needing maintenance, grass to cut, animals to feed or a boiler to replace. Support the Ashram by doing a free donation or donate for something specific, writing it down in the transfer details.

See some suggestions below.

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the garden

The garden is part of the identity of the Ashram. A place of peace and connection with nature. The allotment is taken care with love, giving back products that nourishes the body and the soul.

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the animals

There are 3 generations of dogs in the Ashram: Angie, Radha and Chocolate.

Bambi a goat joined them on the animal team that always surprises guests with their charm.

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the Social Project

The Associação Ram Dass Guru supports some institutions by offering Kundalini Yoga classes for specific groups, such as detox centers, physical and mental disabilities clinics, among others.

Support yourself, too!

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the Seva Program

The Seva Program is one of the oldest ARDG projects. For 40 days the Ashram receives sevadars who dedicate themselves to selfless service as a way of serving God, the Ashram and themselves, on a process of transformation to elevation.

Project P: the P from Pavilion

More and more students find their way to our ashram and its activities. That’s good news. The flipside, however, is an overcrowded yoga room. Until now we ‘rescued’ ourselves with a big tent (the marquee). Several times a year, this tent is build up to accommodate larger groups. It is expensive though and for several reasons not an ideal solution. Therefore, we want something permanent and also more aligned with the future: a pavilion that can house big groups for yoga and other teachings. It is here that ‘Project P’ comes in. The project aims to support the collection of money for building that pavilion. One way we have started to do this at the ashram, is by offering healing and relaxing sound-bath-experiences to groups of students. What they donate for such an event goes in full to this much-needed extension of our facilities. Help us to manifest the pavilion. Donate from the comfort of your seat and/or visualize that this new yoga room is ready and you are sitting in it. It may take a year or more, the planning of the pavilion has just started, but the more we focus our energy on it, the sooner the job is done. Thank you for your contribution.