Ram Dass Guru

at Quinta do Rajo


Created in March 2013, the Association Ram Dass Guru (ARDG) is a non-profit institution with the objective of promoting, living and sharing the teachings and practice of Kundalini Yoga (KY) in Portugal.

Who We Are


In the present, for the future

With the creation and development of the Ashram, ARDG aims to create a living example in Portugal of a sustainable spiritual community and space. To support and explore a dharmic way of living based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, to face the changing times at the beginning of the Aquarian age with consciousness and clarity, so we may become the possible human, as described by Yogi Bhajan.
This space of healing and rejuvenation will act as a lighthouse to inspire and guide others and serve the expansion of human consciousness on Earth.


Associação Ram Dass Guru promotes and supports trainings and events of self development and well being, this can happen as a co-production or by renting the space. This way the Association continues its mission of serving the community and contribute for a conscious path.

I am here for you

What We Offer

Seva Program

Opens doors to all who want to walk the path of personal and spiritual development in the community, and in the Ashram.


Discover regular activities & classes at the Ashram : Sadhana, Kirtan, Red Tent, yoga classes & many more...

Social Project

Association Ram Dass Guru supports the community with specific actions...

Support our project, become
a member

Associate yourself to this project, be part of this Global Community!

ashram events


There is always a rent to pay, something to be repair or needing maintenance, grass to cut, animals to feed or a boiler to replace.
Support the Ashram and ARDG Social Programs by doing a donation.
You can donate for something specific or commit with a regular donation of Dasvand.


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